AIRONE - 9044

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  • Silver X=4

  • Anthracite X=9

  • Quality marking

    Marcatura CE

    All the products are in compliance to EN 60598-1 and part two applicable standards and to EMC applicable standards. The CE marking, applied on the products, certify their conformity with the European directives: 73/23 CEE, 93/68 CE, 2006/95/CE, 2014/35/UE (Low Voltage Directive). 89/336 CEE, 93/68 CE, 2004/108/CE, 2014/30/UE (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive).

  • Class of electrical insulation

    Classification on the basis of the class of electrical insulation.

    Classe I

    Electrical device with basic electrical insulation. Must be connected to the ground circuit of the main electrical system.

  • IP Protection index

    The degree of protection of light fixtures is indicated by the letters IP (international protection) followed by two figures, the first of which indicates the index of protection againt the penetration of solid bodies and the second of liquids. For example: IP54 indicates that the device has an index of protection 5 against the penetration of solids and 4 against the penetration of water.


    Protection against solids - First IP figure
    5 Protected against dust
    Protection against liquids - Second IP figure
    4 Protected against splashes

  • The flammability of the supporting surface

    Classification on the basis of the flammability of the supporting surface

    The luminaire is suitable for mounting on normally flammable surfaces (temperature on supporting surface max. 90°C).

Wall mounting

Single power supply cables input

LED’s direct operation at 220/240V 50/60Hz. No power supply is required.

Impact Energy (J):

Product data sheet



Code Light source Power Voltage Lum.
Flux *
Socket Colour
Glass surface
Zone **
Beam angle Light data Technical
9044.00X A60 75W E27

Energy class

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9044.55X LED 9W 1240 lm 4000 K

Energy class

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9044.56X LED 9W 1160 lm 3000 K

Energy class

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2065.660 Zip - 175 MB
2065.670 Zip - 175 MB

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* Lumen rating is related to the flux emitted by the LED module and not to the flux emitted by the appliance

** Standard CEI EN 60598-2-13 for ground recessed luminaires

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Standard CEI EN 60598-2-13 for ground recessed luminaires

The meaning of numbering in the catalogue besides of the lamp rating of the ground recessed luminaires is derived from the “GUIDE TO GOOD INSTALLATION PRACTICE” in the annex A of the EN 60598-2-13. Installer is strongly required to consult and take into account that standard as well as the electrical installation of building applicable and in force standards.

Not driveover

Not driveover luminaire.

Not walkover

Not walkover luminaire.

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